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Strategy & Organization

In cooperation with our competence partners from Switzerland and other European countries, we have been organizing tailor-made training and further education programs for clients from business, politics, administration and education sector from China (including Hongkong) and Vietnam since 2003. The networks that we have been able to build and maintain over the long term through such programs form an important basis for systematic and personal support,  development of competencies and problem solving that we make available to our customers from Switzerland and other European countries.


For clients from China, we act as an integrative one-stop solutions provider and reliable mentor, who with us will find the right access to the desired markets and investment objects in Europe.


We support companies that are already active in the Chinese market, but need to realign or adjust their strategy, in analyzing and implementing the new measures - new regional focus areas for a successful corporate strategy are associated with major challenges in strategy and organization.


Especially for small- and medium-sized companies, it is not easy to thoroughly review their own competencies and goals with respect to getting involved in China. It is important to be aware of the associated requirements for human and financial resources.

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Client & Partner Management
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In order for companies to survive and thrive, they often have to take advantage of new market opportunities and to take courageous steps with limited knowledge and limited resources. By merging with a like-minded strategic partner, goals can be achieved that would be unreachable on their own.


Strategic relationships require a more conscious approach to ensure that the intended benefits of the relationship are achieved - and that risks are mitigated or avoided altogether.


We find the right strategic partners for you, support you in establishing and developing a successful relationship, and help you develop and implement clear strategic goals.

Competence Building

The competencies of employees are an important asset for companies. We actively support and accompany our clients in the development and management of personal, professional, methodical, social, communicative and intercultural competence, especially of those employees who are at the forefront for the long-term successful implementation of the goals of an internationalization strategy of the company.


For more than 10 years we have been conducting seminars, lectures, workshops and individual coaching at companies, financial institutions, public organizations and advanced education centres. Here, a special focus is on non-verbal communication and negotiation techniques in international and intercultural business environments, which often represent the biggest and most decisive challenge for a company.

Symposium & Networking

One main focus of the strategic direction of our company is promoting, exchanging and creating added value in the areas digital economy, barter and blockchain. Our annual "Davos Digital Trade Symposium" wants to build a bridge here and create the necessary environment to provide the latest developments, specific projects and the necessary networks, especially to countries and regions in developing economic areas, so that they have access to potential partners and key players.

Thanks to our cooperation with proven partners from politics, business, education and relevant departments, we can initiate long-term successful synergies.

Executive Training

In cooperation with selected universities and training institutions in Switzerland and other European countries, we regularly carry out tailor-made specialist programs for companies, financial institutions, government agencies and educational institutions from China and Vietnam. These  programs also form excellent opportunities for managers on both sides to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

At the same time, we develop tailor-made learning and fact-finding missions for companies, groups in executive training programs at universities, as well as financial institutions in order to gain local access to relevant government agencies, academic institutions and political decision-makers.

Project Development

On behalf of European and Chinese companies, we acquire and analyze selected projects in the fields of finance, environmental and energy technology, health management, regional development and tourism industry, as well as agriculture and building technology.


We accompany the projects in the initial phase as a mentor and coach for both sides, thus ensuring that the necessary intercultural know-how for a long-term successful project cooperation can be established. During the entire project development process, we act as a bridge between project developers and individual partners, act as coach and mentor, and if necessary actively intervene in project management.

Conflict Management

Unfortunately, in the course of doing business in China, situations can sometimes arise which, in the worst case, can endanger the survival of your company.


In many cases, a consensual solution with a (former) business partner or the corresponding governmental institutions is no longer possible. The involvement of the official representative authorities of your own country can be counterproductive and intensify the negative economies of scale.


In such cases, we work with you in an objective and systematic manner to work out the optimal approach to prevent or reduce possible damage, or to find a solution that is feasible for both sides.

Branding & Marketing

China is a large country with long and established traditions and customs. The symbolism or indirect communication of words, images, numbers and colors play a particularly important role.


A misunderstanding of traditional Chinese culture, wrong or incorrect translations of campaigns, misuse of stereotypical images from ancient China,

 as well as ill-considered campaigns that touch sensitive topics are among the most common mistakes.

In cooperation with local branding and marketing experts in China, we help you to successfully realize this important phase.

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